masajista masculino barcelona


Expert male erotic massage with feline look. His perfectly muscled body and experience in performing tantric, erotic and sensual massage will make you live an intense and rewarding experience. Every touch, caress, and time with Álex will you approach to the climax. Feel free to relax and enjoy one of our star masseurs.

Its fibrous molded body, deep eyes and intense hands make think you’re dreaming when gives you an erotic massage. Our intention is that everything surrounding the massage, which builds the ‘scenario’ is perfect and ideal for maximum enjoyment and lead you to make your experience complete.

Feel how he use his body, his hands and tantric refined techniques to take the most absolute ecstasy. Alex is pending every interaction to adapt the massage to the needs and desires of each person. His years of experience in the sensual and erotic massage will help you create a lasting memory.

You will leave the session with great comfort and total relaxation. And with Álex get to experience a mixture of passion, eroticism, sweetness and relaxation hardly achievable by other means.