Yoni Massage in Barcelona

Discover the Yoni Massage in Barcelona!

What is Yoni massage?

The Yoni massage is a tantric hands-on practice designed for women, with roots in India. “Yoni,” translated literally from sanskrit, means “female internal temple” or “sacred flower.” This practice is suitable for all women and is especially recommended for those who have experienced situations such as sexual traumas, uncomfortable tension in the pelvic area, chronic pelvic pain, sexual dissatisfaction with a partner, a lack of a sense of fulfillment as a woman, and a lack of understanding about orgasm, among other issues.

masaje yoni en Barcelona

Erotic massages for women are exactly the same as those for men, as in Tantra, the human gender is not differentiated. The only difference lies in the Yoni massage. Our clients can choose between a male or female masseur, or if they wish, one of each. The treatment is delicate, adapting to the desires they may have or their eagerness to discover different sensations.

What does the erotic massage for women include?

It depends on your experience and preferences; the masseur will guide you on the best schedule for you. Some programs include elements of body massage, with hands and chest sliding along the body and erogenous zones.

The benefits of a Yoni massage

  • Awakens sensuality and fills with positive energy.
  • Discover new sources of pleasure and areas in the vagina responsible for release.
  • Relieves nervous tension, eliminates negative emotions, and releases creative energy.


Yoni massage service for women: How is it? ¿Why Yoni?

The Yoni massage awakens sensuality in all women, filling them with energy and positive emotions. It helps explore new sources of pleasure and vaginal areas responsible for release. After the first session, women feel light, harmonious, and relaxed, with a better understanding of their own bodies.

Preparations for a complete experience:

  • Adjustment of room temperature.
  • Selected relaxing music.
  • Essential aromatic candles.
  • Soft lighting.
  • Conducive atmosphere provided by the massage therapist.
  • Appropriate and professional techniques.

Indications and contraindications of erotic massage for women:

Despite the benefits, it is recommended to avoid the massage in cases of reproductive system diseases, bleeding, skin problems in the affected area, menstruation, and abdominal pain.

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