External and Internal Prostate massage

Prostate massage

The prostate is one of the points of maximum male relaxation. Activating and stimulating it doesn’t necessarily have to be done internally, which is why prostate massage can be internal or external according to the desires of our clients.

In Tantra, scholars of sacred sexuality suggest that orgasms through prostate stimulation are a unique experience worth exploring and discovering.

If you have already started or wish to try, talk to us, and we will advise you on the most suitable session for you.

Masaje Prostatico interno o externo

Why perform prostate massage?

From a medical perspective, prostate massage is a simple way to eliminate excess fluid accumulated in the ducts of the prostate gland.

  1. The massage can improve erection. Before the arrival of more modern therapies, prostate stimulation was used to treat erectile dysfunction. Today, erection problems are treated with lifestyle changes, medications, and prosthetics. However, some men claim that prostate massage increases their sexual desire, enhances sexual pleasure, and facilitates ejaculation. While there is no scientific evidence on this matter, doctors do not object.

  2. It relieves symptoms of prostatitis and prostate hyperplasia. Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland accompanied by swelling, an increase in the size of the prostate, and pressure on surrounding tissues. This can cause pain in the groin and discomfort during urination. The massage removes excess fluid from the gland and reduces swelling, sometimes prescribed as a procedure to alleviate symptoms of prostatitis or prostate hyperplasia.

  3. It helps identify prostate problems. Sometimes, the urologist performs a massage on the gland to obtain fluid for analysis. This allows detecting signs of infection and making an accurate diagnosis.

  4. It can help with painful ejaculation. Painful sensations during ejaculation are a rare but existing issue. Prostate massage can make semen more fluid and facilitate its expulsion from the penis.

  5. It can induce orgasm. And this is the main reason why prostate massage has sparked interest, not among doctors, but in other circles. The prostate gland is known as the male G-spot. It is easier to find compared to the elusive and almost mythical female G-spot.

Furthermore, prostate stimulation often leads to a quick and powerful male orgasm. Although the penis may remain flaccid, on occasion, a quantity of white fluid similar to milk, which is prostatic fluid, is released. Some BDSM practices refer to this process as controlled ejaculation.

There is also a theory that regularly massaging the male G-spot can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. There is no direct scientific evidence on this, but there is indirect evidence: it is known that five or more orgasms per week reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 36%. So, by enjoying the massage, men may be taking care of their health.

What it includes

  1. Professional Prostate Stimulation: Our highly qualified masseuses use expert techniques to perform prostate stimulation gently and respectfully, providing a sensation of pleasure and relaxation.

  2. Relaxing Atmosphere: You will immerse yourself in a peaceful and welcoming environment, designed to make you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire experience. Dim lighting and soft music will contribute to creating a conducive atmosphere for relaxation.

  3. Sensual Massage: In addition to prostate stimulation, our service includes a sensual massage that encompasses other areas of the body, allowing you to enjoy a complete experience of well-being and pleasure.

Benefits of Prostate Massage:

  1. Improved Well-being: Prostate stimulation can contribute to the release of tension and relieve stress, promoting an overall sense of well-being

  2. Exploration of Pleasure: Prostate massage can lead to a deeper exploration of pleasurable sensations, contributing to a more intimate connection with one’s own body.

  3. Prostate Health: Some studies suggest that regular prostate stimulation could have benefits for prostate health, although more research is needed in this area.


At our center, we provide a unique experience with our exclusive prostate massage service. Discover the art of prostate stimulation with our expert masseuses, highly qualified to provide quality prostate massage in Barcelona. Feel free to contact us to address any questions you may have. Immerse yourself in the sensuality of our prostate massage, an erotic experience that will transport you to new heights of pleasure and relaxation.

Masaje Prostatico interno Barcelona

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